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High-performance for the futureHigh-performance for the future
BMW i Ventures

High-performance for the future

BMW i Ventures is a Silicon Valley based hybrid venture capital firm that combines the best of both worlds: Financial VC and Corporate VC. BiV invests in high performance companies supporting them to execute with agile precision. The BiV team is interested in solutions with real-world impact providing hardware, software and/or sustainability across manufacturing, transportation and automotive services which are based in the US, EU or Israel. Learn more about five selected start-ups of the BMW i Ventures portfolio from different areas. Explore how they are about to change more than just the future of mobility.

15 July 2021



AutoFi is a financial technology company transforming the way cars are bought and sold. The company's digital sales and financing platform enables retailers to offer a fast, convenient, and transparent buying experience no matter where or how the sale begins — online or at the dealership. Taking the sales experience to the digital age.

DSP ConceptsDSP Concepts

DSP Concepts

DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver has become the trusted framework to simplify and standardize the programming of digital audio signals to create incredible audio experiences. Audio engineers worldwide turn to Audio Weaver to streamline their development workflow, as it is the first tool which has been purpose-built to design, develop, and deploy embedded audio products in one.

Prometheus FuelsPrometheus Fuels

Prometheus Fuels

Prometheus removes CO2 from the air and turns it into zero-net carbon gasoline and jet fuel at a price that will compete with conventional fossil fuels used in transportation today. Because only renewable energy sources are used in its production, the fuel will be truly carbon neutral. By perfecting existing chemical reactions and processes, Prometheus will make drop-in replacement fuels that are guilt-free. Prometheus will help to fuel the power of choice.



Tekion changes the game with the first and fastest cloud-native automotive retail platform: Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC). ARC breaks the technology limitations retailers have dealt with for decades and gives them an edge to compete and win by reducing time and effort to manage the digital side of the sales process.



Yellowbrick is the world’s only modern data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Enterprises choose Yellowbrick for superior performance supporting thousands of concurrent users on petabytes of data, along with the unique ability to run analytic workloads on premises, in a private or any public cloud.

There’s more to discoverThere’s more to discover

There’s more to discover

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