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Digital Art Mode by Cao Fei

When digital art is experienced in the car for the first time in a BMW

Chinese multimedia artist Cao Fei developed “Quantum Garden”, a decidedly digital, artistic work for the latest, personalisable My Mode by BMW: the Digital Art Mode. The centrepiece is the new, curved display. Digital art and application experiences merge on it and throughout the interior. Cao Fei's artistic work becomes a unique, immersive experience within the vehicle.

16 February 2022

Art ModeArt Mode

My Modes enhance the visual, audio and digital experience in your car. A touch of a button or a voice command coordinates drive and chassis control, lighting mood and sound colours as well as the colour scheme and graphics of the BMW Curved Display – personalising everything from the ground up. The mood in the car can be transformed in the truest sense.

“Quantum Garden”, the artistic work created by Cao Fei and displayed on the BMW Curved Display, explores the permanent interrelationship between different actors and areas of life in a globalised and networked world.

Cao FeiCao Fei
The Digital Art Mode gives the BMW driver the chance to experience the ever-changing digital landscapes of a multifaceted universe in a screen world, where abstract poetry and sensory pixels intersect. Its network of open-ended spectra are connecting our hearts to the call of goodwill from the depths of the universe.
Cao Fei

Multimedia artist

It was a logical continuation of Cao Fei’s creative work to cooperate with the BMW Group on the new Digital Art Mode: in 2017 she created the 18th BMW Art Car. Her racing car designed using augmented reality is now being followed by integrating digital art into the interior of production vehicles.

BMW Art Car #18BMW Art Car #18

BMW Art Car #18

The 2017 BMW M6 GT3 by Cao Fei

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The first digital artwork in a BMW meets the most powerful all-electric BMW M

Digital Art Mode can be experienced in the BMW iX M60 at CES. Art Mode can be configured ex works in selected BMW vehicles during the course of 2022 or integrated subsequently via a remote software upgrade.

Art ModeArt Mode
For the first time, we are bringing digital art into the car as an integral element of the driving experience, using innovative technology to make mobility an individual, highly exclusive and emotionally powerful experience.
Christoph Grote

Senior Vice President Digital Car, BMW Group



When digital innovations and our most powerful electric vehicle converge sustainably

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