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BMW IconicSounds Electric

Sounds emphasise the soul of everything

BMW IconicSounds ElectricBMW IconicSounds Electric

Completely new worlds of sound for electric driving experiences:

The silence of electric driving is pleasant. But sometimes you miss the acoustic tingling of a revving engine. And not forgetting the audible presence on the street. BMW IconicSounds Electric fills those particular spaces. There is a lot more to hear: together with Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, we have developed soundscapes tailored to the new My Modes, which will set the tone in the BMW i4 and BMW iX from 2022.

6 January 2022

Iconic SoundsIconic Sounds

My Modes enhance the visual, audio and digital experience in your car. A touch of a button or a voice command coordinates drive and chassis control, lighting mood and sound colours as well as the colour scheme and graphics of the BMW Curved Display – personalising everything from the ground up. The mood in the car can be transformed in the truest sense.

We are trying to make your life less chaotic, more beautiful. Part of what we’re trying to do is to create sounds which are aesthetically pleasing and calming but at the same time intended to instill a sense of excitement that is typical for the driving pleasure BMW offers in its vehicles.
Hans Zimmer

Composer and curator, Academy Award winner

There are worlds of sound to suit every driving moment. These worlds change during the journey depending on your mood and the sensual experience you want in your BMW at that moment. The following will be available for electric cars from 2022 ...

Personal and Sport

Personal and SportPersonal and Sport

are a family of sounds with different characteristics. Personal supports the natural driving experience. Sport gives a more direct and expressive acoustic reaction.



is the avant-garde of drive acoustics, a musical reinterpretation of movement.



is a relaxing soundscape ideal for extended journeys.

M Sound

M SoundM Sound

is our very own drive sound that distinctively emphasises the emotional driving experience.



gives the option to deactivate the sound.

Cars move people from A to B. But we believe that cars can also move people from emotion A to emotion B. And that’s where sound comes in.
Dr. Renzo Vitale

Creative Director Sound BMW Group

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