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Two new BMW My Modes

See, hear and feel your own mood in the cockpit

BMW My Modes SportBMW My Modes Sport

Change up to ten settings with a single command:

BMW My Modes transform the cockpit into completely new worlds of experience. Each mode follows its own creative design and sound palette. We started with three My Modes: Sport, Efficient and Personal. Now, Relax and Expressive, join the family.

4 January 2022

The My Modes are aligned with all other content in the overall system. This means customers get a real sense of their chosen My Mode at every moment in the car.
Alina Sauer

User Interface Designer at BMW

Two new My Modes, two new worlds

My Mode RelaxMy Mode Relax

My Mode Relax is inspired by nature. Different by day and night. A bright dune landscape by day – a starry sky in the Milky Way by night.

My Mode ExpressiveMy Mode Expressive

My Mode Expressive is inspired by the colours of a city at night. A combination of yellow and blue tones literally charge the cockpit and displays with energy.

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