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BMW Dimensions of Real

A multi-sensory experience that redefines the notion of a concept vehicle

BMW Dimensions of Real BMW Dimensions of Real

A wonderfully surreal journey across emotions and dimensions.

As DIMENSIONS OF REAL engages the digital aesthetics of technology, BMW explores the future of mobility; which is not restricted by the physical. It is redefining the notion of a concept vehicle and invites people to embark on a multisensory journey. Whilst the installation themes are grounded in the ambiance of BMW’s My Modes, iconic sounds from Hans Zimmer and future BMW colour palettes, the bold conceptual vision takes the natural dialogue between driver and vehicle to a next level.

7 January 2022

BMW has always been pushing the boundaries of technology and design at the same time. We dedicate ourselves to the creation of human centric products and experiences for all senses.
Adrian van Hooydonk

Head of BMW Group Design

Four zones with portals into the different DIMENSIONS OF REAL


The first zone is a world of calm; with a serene landscape. The more still the visitor becomes, the more one-dimensional particles begin to reveal the vehicle on-screen.


Moving to the second world, viewers experience a feeling of confidence where two dimensional planes form the vehicle through their two-dimensional movements.


The third world is where the vehicle appears in three dimensions: Visitors enter a world of joy where, through expressive movements, one sees their movements mimicked in dynamic, ever-changing geometry.


The surreal experience culminates in a final 4th dimensional space where one experiences the digital vision vehicle as a combined composite of the earlier interactions articulating a previously impossible, new aesthetic expression of automotive design.

Our digital future requires the knowledge and ability to work across multiple disciplines. As the Advanced Design Studio of BMW, we are thrilled to deliver a never seen before multisensory experience that redefines the notion of a concept vehicle.
Holger Hampf

President of BMW Designworks

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