Vision & Mission

The digital soul in every BMW

We have always pursued the goal that everything in a BMW should be with people in mind. Especially the digital experience. That’s why we develop solutions that adapt to your personal preferences. Sometimes staying discretely in the background. Sometimes giving advice or surprising flashes of inspiration. Digital technologies of this kind in a car do not yet have their own name. So let’s call it the digital soul. Or the next level of joy in a BMW.

6 January 2022

More than ever, the new iDrive with BMW Operating System 8 gives you an emotional connection to the vehicle. Here are just two examples…

My Modes

When cockpits transform into visual worlds of experience

BMW IconicSounds Electric

When sounds flow from one emotion to the next

We will make our vehicles easier to operate, more personal with My Modes and the digital experience will be immersive and emotional.
Adrian van Hooydonk

Senior Vice President BMW Group Design

Digital technology that consistently has people in mind is no longer complex and incomprehensible. It is simple, seamless and personal. It connects, develops, enters into relationships. And it creates emotional moments that open up whole new ways to experience a BMW.