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Welcome to JOYTOPIA

Join us for an experience that is out of ordinary: a made-up, fully digital world, where things are truly upside-down and thought anew, narrated by Academy Award winning actor Christoph Waltz and with an exclusive concert by British band Coldplay. Explore now at joytopia.com

A world like no other

JOYTOPIA is your digital escape, an entire virtual world, created from scratch for you to explore during the 2021 IAA Mobility. Create your own personal avatar, discover the ins and outs of future mobility as RE:IMAGINED by the BMW Group, and tune in to an exclusive Coldplay concert – it’s all up for grabs in this 100 per cent digital wonderland! 

JOYTOPIA tells the story of a circular future, inviting you to explore first-hand how the BMW Group goes beyond sustainability, using an immersive experience in a gamified and truly interactive digital environment. 



A world like no other

Explore now

The first thing you will feel once you enter JOYTOPIA is that things are turned on their head. As your personal avatar is born, you fall up – not down – entering a dreamy world of talking foxes, pulsating clouds, mushrooms, traffic cones, digital sculptures, and much, much more. 

You are welcomed to the platform – which boasts impressive visual quality – by a virtual fox and are guided through the surreal worlds. The voice of the fox is that of Hollywood actor Christoph Waltz. “The future is what happens next and it’s entirely up to us to make it enjoyable. This was my first encounter with a metaverse. It’s not called JOYTOPIA for nothing. The joy of… “ says the Academy Award Winner and alludes to the diversity of the virtual world. He captivates his audience adding a dose of humour, turning even factual information into an entertaining experience.


From here, you can set out to explore JOYTOPIA via several different “islands”. Travelling from one destination to another, you learn about the BMW Group's circular vision. On your way, you can take a break, or just go with the flow and float along this dreamy, surreal world of surprises and digital activities. 

JOYTOPIA shows you another way to get to know the BMW Group’s work towards a different future; a place where old truths are thrown away, and replaced by the coming-together of design, innovation, immersive experiences, new digital ideas and surreal fun. 

Of course, you’ll learn something, too. The different destinations around JOYTOPIA are designed to tell you about technology, design, sustainability, materials, and much, much more, but in a way that puts gamification and sensorial exploration at the very center of your experience.  

It all started with a big bang, when JOYTOPIA hosted an exclusive digital live concert with Coldplay on September 5th.

So stay tuned and make sure to check back for more digitised fun and virtual discoveries!

Dive in for more highlightsDive in for more highlights

Dive in for more highlights

Discover how the BMW Group is re:imagining the future of mobility at the 2021 IAA Mobility with new ideas about electrification, digitalization, circularity and more!

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