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Find out where BMW got its name, the story behind the M logo, or how the BMW 3 Series developed. Everything about our legends, or those who want to become one. Get insights into our car world - from BMW, for BMW fans.

27 April 2021

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#050 Fast and furious: the story of the Nürburgring 24h

24 hours at the limit: Drivers must prove their strongest mental strength, driving abilities and endurance in the 24 hour race at the Nürburgring. The legendary race at the green hell, one of the longest race tracks in the world, has 51 years of story to tell. In this episode of Changing Lanes, the official podcast from BMW, we invite you to immerse yourself with us in this story full of nerve-racking, fast-paced and emotional highlights at its debut race.

#048 Classic BMW racing cars challenge

One of the toughest challenges ever at Changing Lanes: Nicki and Jonathan compiled their personal favorite BMW race cars into a list of 6. What sounds like an almost impossible task among all the race cars turned out to be an interesting journey through the history of BMW motor sports. Dive with us into a new episode of Changing Lanes, the official podcast of BMW, and find out which cars have made the cut.

#039 The Story behind the legendary BMW Art Cars

They’re colorful, extravagant and unique. No BMW Art Car is like any other. Not because they differ in age and model shape, but because they’re painted from the hood to the rear. But why did artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol stage BMW models as works of art in the first place? In this episode of "Changing Lanes", the official BMW podcast, we look back on 45 years of art history at BMW. Press play to learn all the facts about these colorful legends.

#037 BMW i8 - Pioneer and icon

It’s a pioneer, an icon, a design highlight, and a milestone in the history of electric mobility: it’s the BMW i8! Before its first launch, it even enjoyed a legendary reputation as the first ever hybrid sports car. Now its production is over, and we’re giving some insights into the history and development of this innovation. In this episode of "Changing Lanes", the official podcast from BMW, we take a look back at a masterpiece that combined unique technology, resource efficiency, and sheer driving pleasure. Join us to hear all about this classic of the future!

#029 The BMW slogan, and where it comes from

“Sheer Driving Pleasure” and “Freude am Fahren“: the BMW slogan is one of the most famous brand slogans in the automotive world. For decades, this claim has stood for the BMW driving experience and has become famous around the globe. But we wanted to know more, like when it first appeared and if it’s true that its origins go all the way back to the mid-30s. We can’t wait to reveal what we found out in this episode of “Changing Lanes”. So hit play and get ready to become an expert in “Sheer Driving Pleasure” and “Freude am Fahren“.

#027 The BMW kidney grille explained

How much do you know about the BMW kidney grille? Sure, you know that it’s an important design element, and of course you know what a kidney grille looks like, but did you know it was first introduced in 1933? The design might have changed over the decades, but almost every BMW front has featured a twin kidney grille. So in this episode of “Changing Lanes”, the official podcast of BMW, we travel through kidney grille history, featuring iconic grills like the M1, 507, and two generations of the 3 Series.