The BMW Podcast: Changing Lanes

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“Changing Lanes” is the official podcast of BMW. Featuring new episodes each week, in which our hosts take you on exciting journeys and talk about innovative technologies, lifestyle, design, cars and more. Subscribe to the BMW podcast series to find out about bathtubs in self driving cars, what a Beamer is, or why BMW designers are playing with clay. And in case you’ve been wondering if it’s legal to polish your BMW in your underwear – we have an episode that answers that as well. All this and more in “Changing Lanes”, the official podcast of BMW. Hosted by Sara and Jonathan and featuring exciting guests - we are always authentic, but not always completely serious.

27 October 2020

#034 An interview with transgender race driver Charlie Martin

From her dream of becoming a fighter pilot to a career as a racing driver: Charlie Martin's story is impressive. But her story is more than just her career: Charlie was born as a man, but today is a courageous woman who has taken her career in motorsports into her own hands. Today, Charlie Martin is one of the few transgender women in the male-dominated domain of motorsport. In this episode of "Changing Lanes", the official podcast of BMW, she tells Jonathan all about her ambition to break barriers and how her transformation has also changed her career. Click “Play” for a truly inspiring conversation!

#033 How to winterize your car

The snow glistens in the cold, you have had your first coffee in the comfort of your own home and get into your car to drive to work. But… it won't start, the battery has run down. Missing car checks in winter, no winter tires or incorrect headlight settings can endanger your drive. In this episode of "Changing Lanes", the official podcast of BMW, we give 11 tips and tricks on how to winterize your car, so that nothing stands in the way of your romantic winter drive.

#032 Traveling with dogs done right

Transporting a dog in your car isn’t always easy. They whine, they yap, and sometimes they throw up before you've even fastened your seatbelt. Our host Jonathan is a passionate dog owner, and has had his fair share of (bad) experiences — so he and Sara came up with 7 golden rules to make driving with dogs a walk in the park. So hit play on this episode of Changing Lanes, the official podcast of BMW, to hear our 7 tips to safely and comfortably transport your dog in the car.

#031 Carsharing tips from top experts

In case you’ve ever been frustrated by a carsharing experience or thought “this could have been better”, this might be for you. Or maybe you’ve never used carsharing and want to get started.

We talked to frequent carsharing users and have gathered their best pieces of advice in this episode of “Changing Lanes”, the official podcast of BMW. Whether it’s planning right, gaining bonus minutes or using carsharing at the right time of the day – this episode will surely make you a better carsharer!

#030 Glamping: what it is, and its top spots

Out in nature, but still with all the luxury you could want: that’s glamping. Glamping stands for glamorous camping, and has become a more and more popular holiday option for many travelers. Whether it be with tents, pods or treehouses, many new locations now offer the full glamping experience. 

In this episode of “Changing Lanes”, the official podcast of BMW, we let you know what exactly glamping is, and share our picks for the 5 top spots to start your glamping experience.

#029 The BMW slogan, and where it comes from

“Sheer Driving Pleasure” and “Freude am Fahren“: the BMW slogan is one of the most famous brand slogans in the automotive world. For decades, this claim has stood for the BMW driving experience and has become famous around the globe. But we wanted to know more, like when it first appeared and if it’s true that its origins go all the way back to the mid-30s. We can’t wait to reveal what we found out in this episode of “Changing Lanes”. So hit play and get ready to become an expert in “Sheer Driving Pleasure” and “Freude am Fahren“.