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Where do racing drivers like Alex Zanardi get their motivation? Who is behind BMW i? And what does an expert have to say about sustainability at BMW? Exciting stories about creative minds, experts, courageous people, pioneers, and adrenaline junkies.

15 October 2021

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#065 Kitesurfer Roderick Pijls, the iX3 and a sustainability mission

Swim, surf or kite along as we join professional kitesurfer Roderick Pijls on a journey of discovery through his career and over our seas. Because one thing’s for sure: You’ll find this man in the water more often than out of it. Kitesurfing is so much more to Roderick than his job and hobby, though. He wants to use his sport to draw attention to nature's beauty and vulnerability. He puts himself in unbelievable situations to do this, kiting over poisonous lakes or inside a volcano. Jonathan Tilley talks to Roderick about his special relationship with the sea, his sustainability mission, and the similarities between kitesurfing and driving an electric vehicle. Treat yourself to a fresh sea breeze with this episode. 

#062 How to make a BMW i recognisable

He started off designing record covers … today it’s cars. That’s Kai Langer’s versatile career in a nutshell. He has been Head of BMW i Design since July 2019 and is shaping the BMW of the future. In this episode, he tells Nicki about the features that make a BMW i so special, what sustainability without sacrifice really means and why the perfect design of an electric car starts with its sound. Hear it for yourself and get inspired.

#057 BMW design elements explained – by a BMW designer

If your heart beats faster as soon as you hear the words “Hofmeister kink”, and you think of cars when you hear “kidneys”, this is the episode for you. In an exclusive interview with designer Christopher Weil, Head of Exterior Design at BMW, you'll learn even more about typical BMW design elements and how they are used in the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé. Together with Christopher our host Jonathan takes a closer look at the classic design elements of BMW and talks about their evolution.

#052 AI x ART x THE 8

From a huge collection of art to one very special piece: The BMW 8 Series has become a masterpiece with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). But what exactly does that mean? If you’re as curious as we were, this episode of Changing Lanes, the official podcast of BMW, is for you. We talk to creative technologist Nathan Shipley, take a look behind the scenes of his unique project, and learn how the BMW 8 Series, AI and art were used to create something completely new.

#049 The sustainability expert behind BMW - Interview with Dr. Irene Feige

If you've ever wondered how efficient electric cars really are, don't know what impact recycled materials have on the automotive industry, or have never heard the term circular economy, this episode will provide "aha-moments". Sustainability expert Dr. Irene Feige exposes common myths and explains what the automotive industry and each individual can change to be sustainable - on and off the road. To find out all this and why sustainability shouldn't be reduced to better CO2 emissions, listen to the new episode of Changing Lanes, the official podcast of BMW.

#047 11 women who changed the automotive world

The invention of windshield wipers, vehicle heating or kevlar fibers are groundbreaking and today it is impossible to imagine the automotive world without them. Yet few people know that it’s not men who are behind these inventions, but women who have made a name for themselves in the often male-dominated automotive industry through these innovations. 
In this episode of Changing Lanes, the official podcast of BMW, Nicki and Jonathan focus on 11 strong women who have shaped the automotive industry through their inventions and their victories in motorsport.

Live Podcasts

#009 Creator Talk: Wingsuit pilot Peter Salzmann

Peter Salzmann is a professional wingsuit pilot, base jumper and stuntman -  and our guest in this live podcast, originally shown live on YouTube and Facebook.
From jumping on mattresses off his parents’ balcony, to turning pro: Jonathan talks to Peter about what led him to take to the sky, what people always get wrong about wingsuit flying, where maths and physics come into play, and how he stays in shape while not being able to fly, due to the lockdown in his native Austria.

#008 Creator Talk: Yoga teacher Sinah Diepold

Sinah Diepold is a yoga teacher, author, model, and all around shining spirit -  and our guest in this live podcast, originally shown live on YouTube and Facebook.
Sinah’s way to becoming a yoga expert wasn’t always straightforward, but sometimes things happen in life and turn out right. Jonathan talked to her about her life, her career and what we can all do to keep our balance in these difficult times of the pandemic.

#007 Creator Talk: Singer-songwriter Tim Schou

Tim Schou is our guest in this live podcast, originally shown live on YouTube and Facebook. Tim is a successful singer-songwriter from Denmark but his lifestyle is far from standard for music stars. He has given up on some of the comforts of a normal life for the sake of his music. He is usually on the move while crashing on people’s couches and even a mall has been the solution at times. Jonathan talked to him about his lifestyle, his music and how to stay optimistic in these difficult times of the pandemic.

#006 Creator Talk: Racer and paracyclist Alex Zanardi

Alex Zanardi is our guest in our first ever live podcast, originally shown live on YouTube and Facebook. Alex is a race winner, CART Champion, F1 driver, Olympic Gold Winner, World Champion in Para-Cycling – and he is still adding to that list! Jonathan talked to him about motivation, race wins and how to stay active in these difficult times of the pandemic.