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BMW i5: with dynamism and a helping hand

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A day in a new, still-unknown city. Experience how the new BMW i5 is redesigning mobility with its assistance systems and connectivity. And at the same time giving you preemptive and inspiring support.

21 September 2023

Electric range (WLTP) 455-516 in km
Power consumption 20.6-18.2 kWh/100 km (combined)
BMW i5, mobilityBMW i5, mobility

New city, new happiness? Isaac and Angel travel for work to a metropolis they haven’t visited before. Both are starting in the same company, which researches sustainable solutions for the nutrition of tomorrow (➜ Read also: Conscientious indulgence in Jardin de Berne restaurant). But what’s the best way to find your way around an unfamiliar environment? As in professional life, it’s important to have someone by your side: a team that supports you, and a mentor who understands how to manage that team. Work and everyday life always have one surprise or another in store, so it’s always best if you’re prepared for every eventuality. All the more when it’s about taking new routes from A to B.

Starting afresh and pursuing new paths – these things always mean leaving your comfort zone. In the new BMW 5 Series, our protagonists can do that on city roads and surrounding areas, in comfort but also with innovation and fully electric. What’s more, for the first time ever, the BMW 5 Series has the option of a vegan interior outfit.

But how do intuitive control, smart assistance systems, connectivity and new digital experiences make everyday professional life and leisure easier?But how do intuitive control, smart assistance systems, connectivity and new digital experiences make everyday professional life and leisure easier?

But how do intuitive control, smart assistance systems, connectivity and new digital experiences make everyday professional life and leisure easier?

We will show you what working in a new city could look like for Isaac and Angel – and use practical examples to illustrate how the BMW 5 Series predictively supports passengers with Proactive Care PACC, Highway Assistant, Remote Parking and Connected Charging.

8 a.m.

The drive to the office – preparing for the day

For Isaac and Angel, the alarm clock goes off at 7 a.m. Having breakfast together is a cherished routine to start the day. At 8 a.m., they both set off for their journey to the office in the city center; the BMW 5 Series is already waiting in the garage. Isaac and Angel take it in turns to drive.

Isaac has the first turn. He slots the coffee-to-go into the cup holder, then adjusts the vehicle as he needs to suit the summer weather, using the BMW Interaction Bar. The light and function strip is integrated into the glass-look dashboard with almost-invisible ventilation outlets, and features integrated control keys with which Angel can operate the ventilation settings or even switch on the rear windscreen heating or hazard warning lights if she needs to. The summer day calls for more ventilation – and cool ambient lighting in blue tones.


Our duo use the trip to get updates en route to the office about the most important news of the day as well as a traffic and the weather report – with the aid of the corresponding vehicle apps from ConnectedDrive Services.

BMW ConnectedDrive Services

Support and information

News, weather, traffic or country-specific information: ConnectedDrive Services make staying informed straightforward and are directly provided via the SIM card installed in the vehicle. The basic package connects passengers and the vehicle with the digital world of BMW. The news app curates the most important notifications for the day, while the weather app keeps car occupants up to date on weather conditions along the planned route or at the destination.

Or if a spontaneous trip abroad is coming up: What’s the maximum speed on the highway in France? How many high-visibility vests are specified in Italy? With the country info app, passengers can find it all out straight away on trips and when outside the country.


In addition, BMW ConnectedDrive Update can be used to select new features and function extensions to use BMW digital and make it even more individual. Options include, for example, new functions for the BMW Digital Key (➜ Read also: The BMW Digital Key Plus); remote-controlled parking; intuitive helpers in everyday life, such as Amazon Alexa Car Integration; or assistants for predictive support when driving and parking.

10:30 a.m.

A spontaneous business meeting with a business partner
BMW i5, mobility, Highway Assistant BMW i5, mobility, Highway Assistant

While Isaac is at his desk fine-tuning new ideas, Angel goes back to the underground parking lot for the BMW 5 Series. A newly developed product is being tested. Angel’s advice and opinion is required – so she needs to be on-site at a business partner’s premises. The partner’s research center is in a small town near the metropolis. The fastest route takes in a section of motorway. The support of the Highway Assistant enables Angel to handle the trip with ease.

Highway Assistant

More effortless driving in flowing traffic

With the Highway Assistant, drivers can move easily with flowing traffic. On suitable routes, which can be identified by the visual marker in the navigation system, the BMW 5 Series will keep to your preferred speed and automatically remain in lane. In addition, it will keep its distance from the vehicle ahead and can change lanes if wanted. To make this happen, simply press the direction-indicator lever in the corresponding direction.

At speeds of up to 80 miles per hour (130 km/h), drivers can even take their hands off the steering wheel for longer periods, though they must always be ready to brake and steer. The system constantly reviews attention using the interior camera, thereby enhancing safety. The information in the Head-Up Display and in the instrument combination is visible at all times, whether the Highway Assistant is currently available or switched on.

1 p.m.

Restaurant visit and charging the car

After the appointment, it’s time for a little break and refueling. Angel has heard about a new vegan restaurant that opened near the office. She suggests a lunch and offers to drive, traveling to the restaurant together with three colleagues. Navigating unfamiliar territory? Find a parking space and at the same time charge the electric car (➜ Read also: Video podcast on the myths about electric driving)? No problem. Thanks to digital services from Connected Charging, this is both straightforward and intuitive. But how exactly does it work?

Connected Charging

Use range efficiently and flexibly
BMW i5, mobility, Connected ChargingBMW i5, mobility, Connected Charging

One thing is certain – worrying about range is a thing of the past. With digital services from Connected Charging, the range of the BMW i models can be used to best effect while always retaining flexibility. The many functions in the vehicle and in the My BMW App make electromobility more comfortable and more intuitive. Even when route planning, the system reliably indicates the nearest public charging station along the route. Information on availability, offered charging services and available plug types on the charging columns is shown in advance.

On longer trips, rest breaks are also considered: As well as parking spaces with charging options, the system also suggests nearby cafes and restaurants. Charging stations near the destination are also shown so that the vehicle can be recharged again straight after arrival. What’s more, interior space preconditioning can also be controlled via your smartphone. This function means that the vehicle welcomes passengers with a comfortable temperature.

2 p.m.

Return to the office – always prepared, no matter what

At 4:30 p.m., the day’s agenda indicates that there is a shared appointment at the company headquarters. So it’s back to the city. And it’s not just for the upcoming presentation that unforeseen incidents should be avoided. After all, predictive planning is important not only at work but also on the road. But Angel can lean back relaxed in the driver’s seat: in the BMW 5 Series, the BMW Service with Proactive Care helps with avoiding possible breakdowns, problem-solving and maintenance with remote and predictive appointment suggestions.

BMW Service with Proactive Care

Worry-free driving, 24/7
BMW i5, mobility, BMW Service with Proactive CareBMW i5, mobility, BMW Service with Proactive Care

BMW Service with Proactive Care doesn’t just think for itself, but also thinks ahead, to guarantee a maximum feeling of safety. The service, based on real-time data and sensor values, recognizes vehicle problems at an early stage and promptly offers support without the passengers having to take any action.

Beyond this, everything is taken care of quickly and smoothly, from online appointment booking for an oil or wheel change depending on the model, a battery check and tracking of the vehicle status, to preparation for a workshop visit – for practical, personalized and professional service.

6:30 p.m.

The end of the working day and the journey back home

Angel and Isaac quickly pick up some groceries, put them in their BMW 5 Series, and drive out of the company car park and in the direction of home. On this trip, they can relax and enjoy the journey, even without a designated underground parking space of their own. That’s because, thanks to another helpful function in their vehicle, they don’t break a sweat looking for a parking spot or even getting into the tightest spaces.

Remote Parking

Simple parking using remote control

The Parking Assistant makes parking and maneuvering easier. The reversing camera, distance sensors and an emergency brake function prevent unintentional scratches and more. The BMW 5 Series also recognizes appropriate parking spaces as it drives past them and, if needed, will park automatically, whether it’s perpendicular or parallel parking. It can also automatically drive out of parallel parking spaces.

As you drive past, the car recognizes whether a parking space is large enough. If the side sensors detect obstacles, they will be shown on the Control Display. Another practical feature is that the Reversing Assistant can also provide support when maneuvering in narrow driveways. While maneuvering, it records up to 50 meters of the route driven in forward gear. On request, it will then reverse along the same route.

When exiting parking spaces under remote control, the BMW 5 Series will then drive out of the parking space or garage automatically. That means Angel and Isaac can also be relaxed as they face the next working day. With pleasure – and the awareness that they always have a helping hand on board.

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Highway Assistant
Charging with Optimized Routes
Proactive Care
Remote Parking Control
Antitheft Recorder

Author: Markus Löblein; Art: Lucas Lemuth, Shin Miura; Animations: Modern Logic; Photos & Videos: BMW

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