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A cue for the future of mobility

What is progress without vision?What is progress without vision?
What does the future of mobility look like? Or more to the point: what does the BMW Group’s vision for this future look like? Read on to find the answers and discover the BMW Group’s IAA Mobility 2021 vision vehicle line-up, designed for a smarter and more sustainable future.

What is progress without vision?

As we set out to be the world’s most sustainable provider of premium mobility solutions, we do so with an understanding that progress needs to take the form of concrete ideas.

Driving our vision is circularity and its guiding principles, applied to our entire value chain, and designed to help us reach our ambitious sustainability targets. This means a complete shift in how we view everything from resource use to design processes. And this shift will be the unifying, overarching goal of future BMW Group product generations. 

These products will have to be sustainable. But they also need to be designed and engineered for new and emerging movement patterns of millions of people, in major cities and their vicinities. To give you a taste of what we believe this will look like, we have developed five visions and concepts that reflect both our progress so far, but also very much our vision: five truly sustainable solutions for a changing mobility landscape and the people who live in it.


1. The BMW i Vision Circular – Our vision of circularity

Applying the circular principles of RE:DUCE, RE:USE and RE:CYCLE to RE:THINK the car altogether, the BMW i Vision CIRCULAR is a BMW for the future. Built on a minimal footprint, it represents an ambitious showcase of BMW Group’s ongoing commitment to become the most sustainable car company. 


2. The BMW i Vision AMBY – Pushing boundaries by innovation

The BMW i Vision AMBY is an adaptive concept vehicle making use of several existing technologies like geofencing and electromobility. It combines the virtues of a pedelec and a motorcycle. Depending on the type of road you are riding and the rider’s ability, it will automatically change between pedelec and motorcycle modes to serve your needs. 


3. The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY – Your way to the smartest escape

This adaptive mobility concept combines the advantages of a motorcycle with the benefits of a bicycle. Allowing the rider to take it onto bicycle lanes with its automated speed limitation, too. An ideal and clever way to escape the city and in style.


4. The BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 – Built for you to live out your curious mindset

This concept vehicle is truly urban oriented allowing for easy commutes and entry level BMW Motorrad experiences, thanks to its light-weight build. As a fresh and expressive concept, it is designed to be fun to ride, perfect for both leisure time and daily use.


5. The MINI Vision Urbanaut – Make it your space

The MINI Vision Urbanaut already debuted as a digital model concept at last year’s #NEXTGen event. Now we have built it. The MINI Vision Urbanaut is more than a moving vehicle – it aims to be your space, even when stationary. Built around the moments of CHILL, WANDERLUST and VIBE, the MINI Vision Urbanaut embodies a futuristic and sustainable take on mobility that adapts to your personal needs and your life.


Combined, these five new vehicles bring our circular vision to life. They represent a mobility mix that mirrors both the progress we are making to become truly sustainable through circularity, but also our vision of how this will look and feel like on the roads. 

Dive in for more highlightsDive in for more highlights

Dive in for more highlights

Discover how the BMW Group is re:imagining the future of mobility at the 2021 IAA Mobility with new ideas about electrification, digitalization, circularity and more!

MINI Vision UrbanautMINI Vision Urbanaut

MINI Vision Urbanaut

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