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Freude stays foreverFreude stays forever

Freude stays forever

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For over 100 years, we have been building cars that are known for their quality. But up to today, the crucial part of a BMW is not the motor, the chassis or the body: it’s the Freude of driving one.

14 December 2023

Freude stays forever

Life has many unforgettable moments in store for us. Some, we think back on fondly; others, less so. But every one of them is unique. That is why a BMW is more than just a method of transportation. It is a companion that creates space for emotion and allows us to feel the joy which lives within every single moment.

Dive into the emotional farewell drive in this video, and discover exclusive behind-the-scenes recordings from the film production.

BMW i4 eDrive35:
Electricity consumption in kWh/100 km (WLTP): 22,5–18,0
Electric range (WLTP) in km: 416–521

Now & THEN

Author: David Barnwell; Art: Madita O’Sullivan; Video: BMW

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