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JOY has three letters

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Pure, generous, and yet simple in its essence: JOY is that spark hiding around the next corner, waiting to breathe warmth into everyday life, even at the heart of a cold winter. In a collection of short stories, BMW captures the JOY that surrounds us all, found in just three letters.

22 December 2022

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It’s the little things that bring JOY. Discovering the Beautiful Magic Within and allowing it to take over the present. Those unknown wonders passing through our lives, picking the perfect moment to put a smile on our faces. Hearing that familiar sound announcing an impending reunion, reading those words that sweeten your day, or a chance encounter that reminds you of a fond memory. Follow the ultimate electric driving machine – BMW iX – on these enchanting journeys and feel the glow of pure JOY in this festive season.

Electricity consumption 22.7–19.3 in kWh/100km (WLTP)
Electric range 367–426 (WLTP) in km
CO2 emissions 0 in g/km

Author: Narges Derakhshan; Art: Lucas Lemuth, Shin Miura, Carolin Wabra; Video: BMW

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