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Dare to be youDare to be you

Dare to be you

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Having the courage of their convictions is what unites supermodel Naomi Campbell and the new BMW XM. Why dedication, determination and drive set us apart as individual characters: an homage to believing in yourself.

31 March 2023

Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: - (NEDC) / 1.6–1.5 (WLTP)
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: - (NEDC) / 36–33 (WLTP)
Combined power consumption in kWh/100 km: - (NEDC) / 30.1–28.9 (WLTP)
Electric range in km: 82–88 (WLTP)

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“A strong character” often describes assertive personalities – as well as striking automotive design (➜ Read also: How BMW design is created). Smooth surfaces in the design language are attractive and beautiful from the very first glance. But in vehicles like the BMW XM, straight ribbing, corners and edges add excitement, depth and character. And is it not this individually distinct character that also set us apart as humans?

As with automotive design, our personalities are also honed over the course of our lives. As we pursue our personal goals, we are often faced with the decision: whether to compromise, or whether to follow our chosen paths unconditionally, in the knowledge that every decision has consequences.

Naomi Campbell

Authenticity borne out of consistency

For supermodel Naomi Campbell, the decision was clear from the start: her dream of walking the world’s greatest catwalks came before everything else. “My mum didn’t want me to become a model, but I committed to what I wanted. I finished school, but without college or university, there was only this path. I took on this risk, so I had to be successful.”

After advertising images and a shoot for the legendary Pirelli calendar, Campbell became the first black cover model for French vogue in 1988, at the age of 16. This was her breakthrough, and at the same time the launch pad for her meteoric rise. In the course of her career, Naomi graced well over 500 title images and worked with countless renowned photographers. At the same time, she always stayed true to one principle: “When I’m firmly convinced that what I’m doing is right for me, then it’s the right path.”

The Brit is known for her strong mind – precisely because she is genuine. “I was brought up to live and breathe integrity. That means staying true to your own values and at the same time acting honestly and fairly. Whatever I commit to, I do it all with 100 percent conviction. I don’t think about what people think or what their opinion might be; that way, giving up on this path is not an option.

“There are three aspects: dedication, determination and drive. You have to love what you do and keep at it, even if people don’t always straightforwardly understand all your motives. When I do something, I see it through the end.”

But it’s not just Naomi Campbell – uncompromising belief in their chosen path has also helped other strong-willed artists who enjoyed a ride in the BMW XM.

Apache 207

Rethinking everything

Apache 207 has become one of Germany’s most successful music stars even though his songs are relatively gentle – or perhaps because of that fact. He has broken records and revolutionized an entire genre – and yet he remains an enigma. He seldom gives interviews and rarely offers insights into his private life. Apache 207 – given name Volkan Yaman – grew up in Ludwigshafen. He doesn’t say much, preferring to let his music speak for itself. The path he has taken is unorthodox, and that’s why he fascinates others. The secret is unconditional belief in himself.

“If I had stuck to rules and compromises, it would only have worked in the standard framework. My team and I wanted to rethink it. No matter what difficulties you face, you must never lose sight of your goal. Our vision was to participate sustainably in the world of music and make an impression. How do we achieve that? Each of us gives it our all. It’s teamwork. People coming together and giving everything without compromise.”

Ishod Wair

There is no predefined structure

Ishod Wair also relies on a consistent driving factor: self-confidence. Hailing from New Jersey, the pro skateboarder is also a fashion icon, lover of classic cars and avowed BMW fan (➜ Read also: Obsessed x BMW and Ishod Wair). For him, it is precisely this confidence in our own strengths that makes the difference.

“You must stick to your convictions. The fact that people have different characters and opinions is precisely what makes us human, what makes us individuals. I have to love what I do. If I firmly believe in it, that belief spreads to other people too. It’s like skating: you skate and skate, and yet sometimes you still feel like you’re not progressing, like you aren’t learning any new skills. You have to believe in yourself. Then, the breakthrough will come sometime and you’ll reach the next level.”


Although Campbell, Apache 207 and Wair have pursued very different careers, they are all united by their inner compass of decisiveness. They remain unyieldingly true to their ideas, to the paths they have taken.

Vibrant vibes

the BMW XM Label Red at the Coachella Festival

Is there a soundtrack to score these paths they are taking so resolutely? If there is, it’s in California. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, where BMW is an official sponsor, is a pop culture playground of creativity featuring a variety of live concerts. Whether it’s the music acts on stage or the audience itself, the event is packed full of individualists with a taste for the extroverted lifestyle and a passion for glamour. Even – or preferably – going beyond the traditionally conventional. This is a vibe that the new BMW XM Label Red reflects uncompromisingly. The most powerful BMW M automobile ever produced combines a performance-enhanced M HYBRID system with individual design accents that unambiguously express its outstanding performance characteristics.

BMW XM Label Red BMW XM Label Red

An even more expressively designed, limited edition of the BMW XM Label Red guarantees the ultimate in exclusivity. This version, strictly limited to 500 editions worldwide, features extra design elements such as edging for the BMW M kidney grille and an insert for the rear diffuser in Toronto Red metallic, combined with a body paint finish in the BMW Individual Frozen Carbon Black metallic variant. The contrast between the glossy color accents and the shimmering matt surfaces gives the exterior of the BMW XM Label Red a particularly dramatic appearance.

 An individual character that takes center stage every time. A singular presence – exuding an aura of self-belief.

Author: Markus Löblein; Art: Shin Miura, Lucas Lemuth; Photos & Video: BMW

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