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BMW i7 – a new perspective

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For the first issue of FREUDE.FOREVER – the new coffee table magazine from BMW, the all-electric BMW i7 has been pictured from unique angles as the new benchmark for perfection.

19 January 2023

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Electricity consumption 19,6-18,4 in kWh/100 km (WLTP)
Electric range 591-625 (WLTP) in km

FREUDE.FOREVER is breaking new ground in the world of storytelling as a symbol of innovation and creativity, it's always on the lookout for fresh ideas and strives to learn from the best.

The seventh generation of the BMW 7 Series – the BMW i7 – is the first to be equipped with an all-electric drive, but the 7 Series is also redefining the class with regard to driving assistance, connectivity, entertainment and also lighting and spatial concepts.

For FREUDE.FOREVER, some of the unique components of the BMW i7 have been artfully photographed and shown from perspectives that have never been seen before.

Behind the scenes. The photo shoot for the BMW i7 for the first issue of FREUDE.FOREVER.Behind the scenes. The photo shoot for the BMW i7 for the first issue of FREUDE.FOREVER.
Our aim was to show the vehicle in a way that most people would never get to see it, and to focus on the components that make the BMW i7 so unique. We have consciously avoided using 3D models for this series of images and instead photographed all the details.
Franziska Goppold

Design Director FREUDE.FOREVER

Behind the scenes: The BMW i7 in FREUDE.FOREVER No.1

A look behind the scenes of the BMW i7 photo shoot. You can admire the result in FREUDE.FOREVER No. 1 – Seven Senses in the form of a high-quality coffee-table magazine. This issue contains many other inspiring photo series and stories. FREUDE.FOREVER is extraordinary, and should feel that way too – from one page to the next, in each story, and in every issue.

My intention was to create an image suggestive of a museum sculpture through lighting and perspective. I wanted to create iconic, almost monumental pictures that have a technical esthetic thanks to atmospheric lighting and colors.
Nathan Cowen

Photographer and co-founder of Haw-lin



132 ad-free pages, presented by BMW, published as a high-quality coffee-table magazine in English and German.

Author: Tassilo Hager, Michael Seitz; Art: Verena Aichinger, Madita O’Sullivan, Ha My Le Thi; Photos: Nathan Cowen, Roderick Aichinger; Video: Constantin Iandolino

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