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#StaySafe: 7 ideas for your time at home#StaySafe: 7 ideas for your time at home

#StaySafe: 7 ideas for your time at home

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These fun car ideas will get you your daily car treat, even if you’re indoors due to the coronavirus. Please stay at home, stay healthy, and do your part to contain the pandemic.

24 March 2020

Staying at home without daily contact with your car? To protect yourself from the coronavirus and to prevent further infection, staying at home is the most sensible and logical thing to do if at all possible. We didn’t want to leave you alone during this time, so we put together ideas and activities to keep car lovers and BMW fans in good company, despite being in quarantine. With this in mind: stay at home to show your solidarity!

We know there are more important things than talking about cars and mobility right now. For BMW, as a globally active brand, the health of our customers, fans and employees has top priority. We will act accordingly, with confidence and solidarity. We are still here to do what we do best: Bring you Joy, and brighten your day, even in these times. We will all get through this, together. Stay safe.


Get BMW on to your screen

BMW “Mission Impossible” BMW CoronaBMW “Mission Impossible” BMW Corona

If you don't want to do without the distinctive melodies of a classic BMW straight six-cylinder engine, or a turbocharged BMW M engine, even in corona times, we have a great idea for you: browse through streaming services for movie classics where BMW cars are part of the cast – like in several “Mission: Impossible” movies. The secret agent Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, is not very squeamish about how he treats the BMW M models. Or watch action classics like “Ronin,” “The Transporter” or James Bond films like “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “Goldeneye.” Have fun browsing!

A pleasure to listen to: the new BMW Podcast

BMW Podcast girl with smartphone BMW CoronaBMW Podcast girl with smartphone BMW Corona

You can hear the joy of driving! Lean back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of BMW. The new BMW Podcast is both an adventure and a vision of the future for your ears. 

Google Podcast

Learning about BMW instead of driving

BMW grille BMW logo BMW CoronaBMW grille BMW logo BMW Corona

Distraction at home may be all well and good, but your grey cells shouldn’t take a dive because of it. So refresh your knowledge of BMW! From the meaning of the BMW logo, to the history of the name and its nicknames, to the pronunciation of BMW in other countries – after reading these articles, no one will ever trump your BMW knowledge again.

Racing around a virtual race track

BMW simracing virtual race track BMW CoronaBMW simracing virtual race track BMW Corona

Already through your first thick book and longing for a change? But don’t want to do without your beloved BMW? Our recommendation: choose the right race game and your favorite BMW model, tighten the seat belts, and step on the gas. With tips from this gaming pro, you can go hunting for good times from a standing start.

Baking a BMW

Baking BMW cookie recipe BMW CoronaBaking BMW cookie recipe BMW Corona

Daycares and schools are closed – what now? While working from home, many parents have to cope with work and childcare at the same time. How about combining entertainment and food by baking a BMW yourself? We have a recipe for baking a car cake. Ready, set, dough!

A car soundtrack for the couch

BMW speaker Bowers & Wilkins BMW CoronaBMW speaker Bowers & Wilkins BMW Corona

Music belongs to driving like butter belongs on bread. Even if your car stays in the garage and you’re on the couch, you can still get the feeling of being on the road. We've put together the 70 best songs for cruising, so you can switch up and down in your own home. Or try out your speakers with our professional speaker test. So turn up the volume and off you go!

BMW wallpaper for your smartphone

BMW Vision M Next Wallpaper BMW CoronaBMW Vision M Next Wallpaper BMW Corona

Let's face it, your phone will often be in your hand even when you’re in quarantine. So fight the boredom and get a new wallpaper of the BMW Vision M Next on your smartphone. And while you’re at it, you can download the fitting 3D print template and watch your 3D printer create your very own piece of BMW decoration layer by layer.

Author: Nils Arnold, Markus Löblein

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