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4 ways to get to know the BMW Vision M NEXT sports car4 ways to get to know the BMW Vision M NEXT sports car

4 ways to get to know the BMW Vision M NEXT sports car

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The BMW Vision M NEXT is the latest vision vehicle by BMW. This design study gives you a sporty glimpse into the future. If you just can’t wait to see it, here are 4 ways you can experience the BMW Vision M NEXT today.

4 September 2019

Click here to experience the BMW Vision M Next through:

While everyone is talking about self-driving cars these days, the sporty silhouette and clear design of the BMW Vision M NEXT leave no doubt that the focus is on the driver, fully-engaged driving pleasure and sportiness. The vision car debuted at BMW’s new tech conference, the BMW Group #NEXTGen.

But you can glimpse the future right here, too – take a look at the design highlights of the dynamic BMW Vision M NEXT sports car in this gallery.

The BMW Vision M NEXT is a vision car that triggers instinctive reflexes in sports car fans. They want to touch the bodywork, enjoy the sound of the electric engine or just admire the dynamic body lines. And today, you can do exactly that – thanks to our four downloads for BMW lovers everywhere.

#NEXTGen – the new tech conference from BMW

Going forward, the BMW Group will present new technologies, services and products at its own conference, the BMW Group #NEXTGen. Selected international journalists, analysts and other stakeholders will be invited to come together at the BMW Welt in Munich. The event will also be live-streamed for the general public.


3D printing: Feel the fascination

Going to your garage and running your hand over the sporty contours of your BMW Vision M NEXT – whether or not this wondrous dream will ever come true is for fate to decide. But what you can already do is admire this vision car as a model and explore the shape of the BMW Vision M NEXT in miniature.

All you need is a 3D printer. Download the 3D printing data and print yourself a model BMW Vision M NEXT. The only limits on size are set by your printer.

Discover a new detail every day. It’s your model sports car, so you – and only you – get to decide the angles and directions you want to admire your miniature vision vehicle from.

And here’s a pro tip so you can enjoy your model BMW Vision M NEXT even more: Print the body and the rims separately. It will improve the outcome significantly.


Wallpaper – a visual treat that’s hard to beat
BMW Vision M NEXT wallpaperBMW Vision M NEXT wallpaper

With our BMW Vision M NEXT wallpaper, you can see our vision car absolutely any time you want.

Our wallpaper is available for your tablet and desktop as well as your phone.


Sound file: Hear the future
sound file for the BMW Vision M NEXTsound file for the BMW Vision M NEXT

Listen to the BMW Vision M NEXT


Electric cars are not known for their soundscape. The BMW Vision M NEXT, on the other hand, is an acoustic and emotional experience. Not least because legendary Hollywood film composer Hans Zimmer and BMW sound designer Renzo Vitale designed the boost sound especially for this concept vehicle. Find out what the BMW Vision M NEXT sounds like when the Power PHEV accelerates in Boost+ Mode.

You can download the sound file for Boost+ Mode here and set it as your ringtone or notification tone.

Sound file

Sound design by Hans Zimmer for the BMW Vision M NEXT

Sound design Hans Zimmer Renzo VitaleSound design Hans Zimmer Renzo Vitale
Film composer Hans Zimmer (l.) and Renzo Vitale, acoustic engineer and sound designer at the BMW Group.

Hans Zimmer is known worldwide for his film music. He has composed countless soundtracks for Hollywood and has won numerous awards. Now Hans Zimmer has composed the sound for the BMW Vision M NEXT together with Renzo Vitale, acoustic engineer and sound designer at the BMW Group.

The film composer explains what connects him to BMW: “Sound has always been a key element in my emotional landscape even before I knew I was going to be making a living as a musician and composer. And the sound of a car has special resonance. My friends and I played a game in which we tried to guess the make and model of every passing vehicle without looking – and I could usually win.

I grew up with BMWs in my family and, as a child lying in bed at night in the dark, the sound of my parents’ car returning home spoke not only of power and beauty but also of safety and comfort and a sense of reassurance that all was well with the world.

The advent of the virtually silent electric vehicle gives me a minimalist sonic canvas upon which I am trying to create something subtly beautiful – a sonic experience which can convey the sense of confidence, well-being, joy and excitement I relished all those years ago, along with the thrill of owning and driving a technological and scientific miracle. I am very proud to be part of the team shaping the sound of the next generation of vehicles for the world to hear.”

Who is Hans Zimmer?
Hans Zimmer is a film score composer, arranger and record producer who works in Hollywood. He has won an Oscar and two Golden Globe Awards and has received 17 Grammy Award nominations – and won four of them. Famous works of the German composer include the score for “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The Dark Knight”, “Pearl Harbor” and many other internationally famous films.


A print-at-home poster: a childhood dream
Poster for the BMW Vision M NEXT Poster for the BMW Vision M NEXT

Was your childhood bedroom plastered with sports car posters? It was? Then we’ve got the perfect artwork for you! Download your very own poster of the Power PHEV BMW Vision M NEXT - an image that could hang on any wall.

Simply download the image file and print it out using a good color printer. The resolution of the image file allows a high-quality printout up to ANSI C [ISO A2] size.

Although there may be limits to picture quality, your dreams know no bounds. We hope you enjoy your BMW Vision M NEXT poster!

Poster: A BMW Vision M NEXT for your dreams

Boost Mode and Ease Mode


The latest vision vehicles by BMW look ahead to the future of autonomous driving. With the BMW Vision iNEXT and BMW Vision M NEXT vision vehicles, BMW is showcasing two versions of that future: in Boost Mode, the driver of the BMW Vision M NEXT does the driving with maximum support from the driver assistance systems, whereas the BMW Vision iNEXT in Ease Mode takes care of the driving autonomously, while the driver can use the time to do other things.

With the BMW Vision M NEXT, the focus is clearly on driving fun where the user is in complete control. The driver can select the driving setting on the steering wheel, like in a Formula E race car. This includes Boost+ Mode, which gives the driver extra engine power at the push of a button and demonstrates once again just how sporty the BMW Vision M NEXT is.

Full throttle into the futureFull throttle into the future

Full throttle into the future

The BMW Vision M NEXT

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