Your vehicle data. Permanently under control.

With BMW CarData you can view the key vehicle data for your BMW whenever you want and share them with third parties if required. And you alone decide who you can entrust your data to. This allows you to maintain control of your telematics data at all times and benefit from sharing data with third parties to use tailor-made service packages that were not previously accessible.  


BMW CarData allows you to maintain a permanent overview of the most important telematics data that your vehicle sends to and is stored at BMW within the scope of the BMW ConnectedDrive services. If you wish to view the latest version of your data, you can request your personal BMW CarData archive whenever you wish.
In addition to this, BMW CarData provides you with a simple means of managing your sharing of selected telematics data with third parties. One mouse click is all it takes to allow or refuse data sharing for a third party or withdraw a previously approved data share. This means that you alone decide which company receives – or doesn’t receive – which data.


When using BMW ConnectedDrive, your vehicle transmits certain telematics data to BMW depending on which services are available and are in use. These data are saved on a BMW server. BMW CarData now offers you the opportunity to request these data at any time in order to view their current status. If you have made a request and given your authorisation, third parties can retrieve the latest status of selected telematics data via BMW CarData – in order to offer you personalised services. Provided of course that you have explicitly released these data for the third party concerned. After all, it is your decision alone as to who should and should not be entrusted with your data. And it goes without saying that BMW CarData is available to you free of charge.