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Digital art meets mobility

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The collaboration between BMW and QLOCKTWO sets new interior design standards and augments the driving experience in vehicles with operating system 8.5 and 9.0. It pays homage to time itself, combines technology with aesthetics and creates a unique digital art experience in the interior of every BMW.

8 May 2024

The widget displays the time in five-minute increments on a word matrix.

Following the successful launch of the digital QLOCKTWO EARTH as an optional widget in 2022, it is now undergoing a complete redesign that brings it even closer to the luxury brand’s real timepieces. It will also become an integral part of the digital infotainment system of all vehicles with BMW operating system 8.5 and 9. BMW thus emphasizes its understanding that interior luxury (➜ Read also: What the future feels like at BMW) is defined not only by materiality, but also by immaterial values such as aesthetics or the experience of art.

The widget is designed as a digital version of the iconic QLOCKTWO EARTH and displays the time in five-minute increments on a word matrix. Illuminated dots in the corners of the widget provide additional information about the time to the exact minute. The language and appearance adapt dynamically to the driving mode and offer an alternative time experience to the classic BMW clocks.

The art of the moment

In a world where speed and efficiency often dominate, the digital QLOCKTWO EARTH creates an awareness of the moment while driving, encourages you to take a deep breath and is ideal for a relaxed experience in the car. It is precisely this appreciation of time and its significance for people that the two artists and founders of QLOCKTWO, Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk (➜ Read also: Creative joy – luxury redefined) wanted to bring to life with their timepieces.

By representing time not with hands or numbers, but with words, they have redefined the display of time and emphasised its human aspect. QLOCKTWO has been able to establish itself as a luxury brand through this unique concept since 2009 and has won over 40 major international awards such as the Red Dot Design Award.

Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk, the founders of QLOCKTWO.

Focus on life in the vehicle


The rollout of the completely revised widget to all vehicles is the next step in a successful collaboration between BMW and QLOCKTWO since 2022. It reflects BMW’s strategy of creating mobile spaces that are as personal and comfortable as your own home. Heiko Göing, Head of Digital Product Offerings at BMW, sees this as the beginning of a new era of digital products: “The car of the future will be connected, much more intelligent, and the focus will be on life in the vehicle rather than purely on driving,” explains Göing.

With the digital QLOCKTWO EARTH, BMW is focussing on the holistic experience in the car’s interior. Its design is becoming increasingly important and requires a combination of functionality and aesthetics, which Göing sees as a seamless transition to art. The QLOCKTWO in the BMW is a prime example of this fusion, calming and slowing down everyday life – and also the perception of time when driving. “Time is luxury,” says Göing. “It’s great when you realise you have a moment to yourself, that you can just enjoy – when you consciously perceive time.”

Disclaimer: The availability and content of this function depends on the country, model, equipment, and installed software version.

Author: BMW; Art: Lucas Lemuth; Photos: QLOCKTWO, BMW; Video: QLOCKTWO, BMW

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