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The future according to…The future according to…

The future according to…

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This is an audio column about future developments in tech, science, society, and culture. By looking at current trends through the eyes of an expert in their respective field, we discover new perspectives and possibilities. Each speaker shares their individual take on a topic and invites you to join them when they venture a glimpse into the future. Tune in to find new inspiration!

31 March 2022

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This episode is about the power of the visual arts – with Thomas Girst, Global Head of Cultural Engagement at the BMW Group.

Any discussion of the future must also consider the past and the present. Thomas Girst has a unique grasp of the significance of time and how art and culture have shaped human existence for the better. This episode is about discovering new horizons: together with Girst, we explore how far the visual arts can take us and what they might mean for our world in the future.

The future of visual arts

Dive into the exciting world of visual arts and discover their power – in the past, present and future. Thomas Girst, Global Head of Cultural Engagement at the BMW Group, explores what visual arts mean for our lives today and what they could mean for us in the future.

Dr. Thomas Girst has been the Global Head of Cultural Engagement at the BMW Group since 2003. He studied art history, American studies and German literature at Hamburg University and New York University. While living in New York between 1995 and 2003, Girst was the head of the Art Science Research Laboratory under the directorship of Stephen Jay Gould from Harvard University. During this time, he was also a cultural correspondent and columnist of the German newspaper Tageszeitung (taz). Today, Girst is also a lecturer at various international universities and academies. As a curator, he has organized many exhibitions, including “Alive and Kicking: the Collages of Charles Henri Ford” in New York and “Marcel Duchamp in Munich 1912.” In 2016, Girst received the “European Cultural Manager of the Year” award. Recent books include: “The Indefinite Duchamp;” “Art, Literature, and the Japanese American Internment;” “The Duchamp Dictionary;” “BMW Art Cars;” “100 Secrets of the Art World;” and “All the Time in the World.” His new book “Cultural Management: A Global Guide” will be published in 2023.

Author: Narges Derakhshaan, Jelena Pecic; Collage: Caroline Wabra; Art Direction: Lucas Lemuth; Sound: Julia Niedermeier, David Georgos



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