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Departure into a new era of individual mobilityDeparture into a new era of individual mobility

Departure into a new era of individual mobility

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With the Neue Klasse, BMW is showing how driving pleasure will be interpreted in the future. Always, and now more than ever, with people at the center. Here, you will discover where the Neue Klasse comes from and which concept and vision vehicles paved the way for it.

24 August 2023

The list of BMW concept and vision vehicles is long (➜ Read also: You have to know these concept vehicles from BMW). And yet the one for the Neue Klasse takes a special role. After all, BMW will be taking an entirely new path with future models in this model series. From production to digitalization and electrification, there’s a great deal that is NEW.

The quote from BMW CEO Oliver Zipse makes clear that the Neue Klasse is not simply a new model series from and for BMW. It is innovative, visionary and oriented on the future. From the origin of the name to the focus on digitalization, there is a connecting line that is traced here.

With the Neue Klasse, we are bringing mobility for the next decade to the roads from 2025 – and taking BMW into a new era.
Oliver Zipse


The Neue Klasse from 1961

Neue Klasse BMW Neue Klasse IAA BMW Neue Klasse BMW Neue Klasse IAA BMW

Automotive manufacturer BMW has previously made a leap in progress similar to the one today. It was at the start of the 1960s, with the first Neue Klasse. The series was – and is still – believed to epitomize the sporty mid-range. The identity of BMW. At that time, BMW took a risk with this model series – and it paid off. New production infrastructure, new design and a new model category. The new Neue Klasse will be no less important for BMW.

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Neue Klasse BMW Neue Klasse IAA BMW Neue Klasse BMW Neue Klasse IAA BMW

In 2021, BMW showed how the Group imagines a vehicle for the year 2040. Without compromises or cutbacks in terms of luxury, yet tailored for maximum protection of resources. In this vision vehicle, BMW keeps the materials cycle running, in the truest sense. The BMW i Vision Circular was planned on the principles of RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE and RE:CYCLE. Through the intelligent use of reusable materials, energy-saving production processes, smart tech and a completely new circular approach to vehicle production, it shows what is possible.

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Neue Klasse BMW Neue Klasse IAA BMW Neue Klasse BMW Neue Klasse IAA BMW

At the beginning of 2023, the BMW i Vision Dee offered a perspective on immersing people within a digital environment. Dee stands for “Digital Emotional Experience” and is a vision vehicle that is as close as possible to people, fulfilling their needs as well as it can. The digital companion interacts with passengers and accompanies them on their journey between reality and the virtual world. So with the BMW i Vision Dee, digital features replace analog elements and speech interaction becomes the most important operating mode. To place the digital experience in the foreground, a pared-back design language dominates both the interior and exterior. And it shows feelings: Its headlights and the BMW kidney grille form a physical and digital surface on which it visually expresses its emotions.

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The BMW Vision Neue Klasse brings together the approaches of these earlier BMW models and concept vehicles. Or as Oliver Zipse sums up: “The BMW Vision Neue Klasse unites the BMW strength of innovation in the central areas of electrification, digitalization and circularity.” The vehicle is therefore the symbol of the visionary alignment of BMW.

With this model, BMW is taking driving pleasure (➜ Read also: The history of the BMW slogan) into the future. Always with people on board and, above all, at the center. Without losing sight of resource preservation and sustainable mobility. One of the few things that is not NEW at BMW.

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The BMW Vision Neue Klasse and BMW Vision Neue Klasse X show that their newly developed, all-electric drive architecture opens up new possibilities for vehicle design. People are at the center: Modern proportions with a long wheelbase and short overhangs usher in a new design era and provide ample space in the light-flooded interior.

The monolithic design embodies a clear design, and the flush glass surfaces and slightly shimmering exterior color add a touch of lightness to the upper area. In every detail, the vehicles suggest openness, spaciousness, and user-friendliness.

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What is the BMW Vision Neue Klasse?

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse is a perspective on how BMW envisages driving pleasure in the future. Always with people in focus. Other important aspects of the vehicle are electrification, digitalization and circularity. For BMW, the Neue Klasse is a departure into a new era of individual mobility.

Author: Nils Arnold; Art: Lucas Lemuth; Photos: BMW



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