BMW 5series Touring G31LCI police vehicle 1/3 front view tunnel driving


First on scene.

Specialists depend on exceptional vehicles that are dynamic and efficient, flexible and reliable, both in everyday driving and emergency situations. For over 60 years now, BMW has been working with international government authorities to develop vehicles that meet the highest standards.

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Always at your service.

Paramedics, firefighters, uniformed and undercover police – everyone who works in the emergency services has one thing in common: their work regularly requires outstanding performance in high-pressure situations. Their emergency vehicle is of key importance here. BMW Authority Vehicles – ranging from the BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series through to the BMW X1, X3 and X5 models – are systematically developed and perfected together with the authorities around the world.

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BMW Authority Vehicle range 1/3 front parking


BMW 1 Series F40 blue light unmarked authority vehicle 1/3 front road driving

With its compact external dimensions, the BMW 1 Series has an impressively spacious interior. Efficient engines and state-of-the-art running gear technologies guarantee full dynamics and agility, while innovative driver assistance systems ensure that you always reach your destination safely. Equipped with intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive, it effortlessly masters even challenging driving situations. The BMW Live Cockpit, in conjunction with the optional BMW Head-up display, ensures that all important information is available at a glance at all times.


BMW 3 Series Touring police vehicle 1/3 front view driving

The BMW 3 Series combines outstanding agility and utility. This is primarily ensured by the running gear with ideal axle-load distribution and rear-wheel drive. The intelligent all-wheel drive BMW xDrive ensures even better traction and directional stability. The new plug-in hybrids combine electric drive with a powerful combustion engines. Depending on the drive mode, you can drive silently with zero local emissions or with enduring dynamic. Functions, such as the opening rear window, make the BMW 3 Series Touring practical Authority Vehicle.


BMW 5 Series Touring authority vehicle 1/3 front view driving

Emergency service personnel benefits from the outstanding qualities of the BMW 5 Series. For example, BMW TwinPower Turbo diesel engines and plug-in hybrids set benchmarks in their class. And in demanding situations, there is no better workplace than the driver-oriented cockpit. Furthermore, the Integral Active Steering improves manoeuvrability while it increases driving stability at the same time. Even more variability offers the BMW 5 Series Touring: it boasts an above average loading volume and an impressive payload.


BMW 7 Series official escort vehicle 1/3 front view road driving

BMW offers additional features for the BMW 7 Series. These ensure that the BMW 7 Series is ready for anything. The special requirements placed on these cars influence the planning phase of series vehicles, thus enabling the intelligent integration of individual and extremely discreet special features. Our top model, the BMW 7 Series, offers the best of all drive worlds, with innovative diesel engines in the 740d xDrive, sustainable plug-in hybrids in the 750e xDrive, the M760e xDrive and the all-electric i7 xDrive60.


Ready for service, everywhere.

Explore the advantages of the BMW X Series: With the raised seating position, optimal traction, and fuel-efficient engines, you will find a BMW X model ready to handle all your tasks.

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BMW X3 G01LCI emergeny doctor’s vehicle 1/3 front view parking


BMW X1 fire-fighter vehicle 3/4 front view driving

The BMW X1 is reliable and always ready for action. Versatile and flexible, even in small spaces. Fully electric, as a plug-in hybrid, or with BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, the BMW X1 combines maximum performance and efficiency. The sDrive model with front-wheel drive and the xDrive model with all-wheel drive both have impressive manoeuvrability. The raised seating position and BMW Curved Display allow you to keep track of everything in any situation. Add a spacious interior and dividable rear seats.


BMW X3 G01LCI emergeny doctor’s vehicle 1/3 front view driving

The BMW X3 is designed for tough and demanding missions, even on difficult terrain – and impresses with exceptional versatility. Innovative technologies, such as the intelligent BMW xDrive, support in every situation. BMW EfficientDynamics technologies and the plug-in hybrid drive-trains increase the performance and reduce consumption at the same time. The flat window line and raised seat position provide a superior overview while the active seat ventilation won’t let you break sweat even in critical situations.


BMW X5 G05 emergeny doctor’s vehicle 1/3 front view parking

The BMW X5 offers outstanding performance on any terrain thanks to the BMW TwinPower Turbo engines and intelligent BMW xDrive. The off-road modes adapt even finer to the current surface. And the plug-in hybrid combines sustainablity and dynamics perfectly. State-of-the-art driver assistance systems and seamless networking offer maximum comfort and the greatest possible level of safety. As a BMW Authority Vehicle the BMW X5 has the largest loading volume and the highest maximum payload.


BMW R1250RT police motorcycle front view bridge driving

BMW Motorrad impresses with a sophisticated concept that meets the highest demands in terms of flexibility, agile handling, robust technology, and dynamic appearance. Here, highly developed safety components are combined with first-class smoothness, long-distance comfort, and extraordinary power potential to form an exemplary synthesis, which is particularly important for work in the police, rescue and escort services. The specially developed rider’s equipment for authorities rounds off the holistic concept.


BMW 5 Series Touring G31LCI police vehicle 7/8 sideview parking


Police work poses a particular challenge. Daily use and high mileage show the true character of BMW Authority Vehicles: high reliability and performance with exemplary economy and long maintenance intervals. This makes investing in BMW Authority Vehicles something that pays off fast.
BMW X1 F48LCI fire-fighter vehicle 1/3 front view parking


Fires, road traffic accidents, storms and lots more – the fire brigade is always on the go, helping people everywhere. The priorities here are performance, security and reliability. BMW Authority Vehicles are well equipped for such operations and can meet any challenge.
BMW X3 G01LCI emergency doctor’s vehicle 1/3 front view parking


Saving a life often comes down to a matter of seconds. This means emergency services demand a lot of their vehicles – they must be reliable, safe, and fast. BMW meets these requirements in full: using state-of-the-art safety systems, it gets its crew to the scene in the shortest possible time.
BMW X5 VR6 G05LCI protection vehicle sideview, driving


BMW has been developing and producing protection vehicles for more than 40 years. This ensures that the security concept comes from a single source and that the integration of protective measures were already taken into account in the design of the production vehicle. This guarantees the best possible protection.



Innovations such as BMW ConnectedDrive consistently make the hard work easier. Meanwhile the BMW EfficientDynamics ensures that the operation is financially prudent – and environmentally sustainable.

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BMW TwinPower Turbo Plug-In Hybrid engine cover


The innovative BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol and diesel engines enable dynamic power delivery and excellent response characteristics even at low engine speeds. At the same time, they are particularly economical and low-emission. The petrol engines make use of innovative turbo charger technology, Valvetronic inclusive double VANOS and High Precision Injection. Turbochargers with variable turbine geometry are also used for the diesel engines. Combined with the latest generation common rail direct injection, this results in optimised combustion.

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BMW X3 G01LCI PHEV emergency doctor’s vehicle charging socket open


An electric BMW therefore offers a completely new and emotionally charged driving experience. You experience fascinating electric dynamics, as full torque from a standstill ensures unprecedented acceleration. At the same time, the almost silent electric motor provides a new, relaxed driving experience.

In terms of electric mobility, 2023 and 2024 are special years for BMW Authority Vehicles with the fully electric BMW i7 and iX1 Authority Vehicles already launched, the BMW i5 following with additional models to be added in 2024.

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BMW PHEV xDrive Chassis


BMW offers the perfect running gear for every situation:

  • BMW xDrive distributes the power between each wheel.
  • Front-wheel drive allows a generous interior.
  • Integral Active Steering improves manoeuvrability and agility as well as stability and comfort.
  • The Adaptive suspension adapts the dampers automatically.
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) stabilises the vehicle.
  • Hill Descent Control manages downhill stretches.
  • Adaptive 2-axle air suspension enables particularly comfortable but dynamic driving regardless of the payload.
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BMW X3 G01 technical sketch


BMW EfficientDynamics is a technology package that not only includes the drive-train, but also the entire vehicle concept and smart energy management. Available as standard in every BMW, a series of innovative technologies contributes to continuously increasing efficiency. Through engine efficiency measures, electrification, lightweight construction and aerodynamic optimisations, BMW has succeeded in significantly reducing the CO2 emissions of its fleet.

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Intelligent solutions for authority vehicles. Unmistakably BMW.

There are good reasons to opt for BMW Authority Vehicles: „Good Genes“ – as a base for upgrading, intelligent ConnectedDrive solutions, integrative development and long-standing experience.
BMW 7 Series G12LCI security vehicle 2/3 front view driving road

Intelligent solutions.

BMW developmens Authority Vehicles parallel to the respective consumer model. Thanks to decades of relationship with the customers, BMW can incorporate the first-hand experience and produce tailor-made solutions. A wide range of vehicle models enables every customer to find the right vehicle.

Installation of signalling equipment

Good genes.

The “Good Genes” – is what BMW calls the integrated equipment for Authority Vehicles. They are developed together with the basic vehicle and installed on the production line – in the premium quality you would expect from BMW. This equipment is also the optimal basis for a functioning and cost-effective upgrade by a partner.

BMW multifunctional instrument cluster PHEV navigation

BMW ConnectedDrive.

BMW ConnectedDrive provides distraction-free support even on demanding missions. The navigation system offers enhanced information. Deactivated localisation ensures anonymity. BMW Fleet Management solutions provide you with information well in advance about maintenance intervals, the condition and mileage.


Second battery in the luggage compartment detail view

Integrated second battery in the luggage compartment for additional energy supply.

Specifications and images show German market vehicles. Some models and special equipment may not be available in Australia. Please email for further information.

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