BMW Used Cars Full Circle



Unlock a pre-owned BMW Premium Certified BMW+ with BMW Finance and enjoy peace of mind with:

Guaranteed Future Value - the option to return your vehicle to us at the end of your loan, knowing how much we’ll value it for upfront.

Flexibility to tailor your loan - choose your finance term, annual kilometre allowance and repayment frequency^.

End of loan options:

              • Keep your vehicle by paying out or refinancing* your Guaranteed Future Value amount.

              • Return your vehicle.

              • Trade in your vehicle for your next Ultimate Driving machine.                                            


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Set up the BMW Full Circle agreement for your pre-owned BMW on your terms.

BMW Used Cars Full Circle

Step 1: Select the length of your loan term, from 24 to 60 months^.

Step 2: Select your kilometre allowance. This is the amount of kilometres you think you will travel in your vehicle each year. Keep in mind that the conditions of your pre-owned BMW may impact the term and kilometre allowance options available to you.

Step 3: Choose whether you would like to pay a deposit at the start of your loan, and what the amount will be.

Step 4: Trade in your previous BMW, if you have one, to reduce the amount of your loan.

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At the end of your loan, you have the freedom to choose the next part of the journey.

• Trade in your pre-owned BMW for a new one. If the trade-in value of your vehicle is higher than your Guaranteed Future Value, you can keep the additional balance for yourself, or use it as equity towards a new BMW.

• Keep your pre-owned BMW. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your BMW, you can choose to keep it by paying out or refinancing* your Guaranteed Future Value.

• Return your pre-owned BMW. Simply hand back the keys to your BMW Dealer, and provided your vehicle is undamaged (except for fair wear and tear) and the kilometre allowance has been met, your BMW Full Circle experience will be complete.

Wear and Tear Guide

Find your pre-owned BMW now or contact your preferred BMW Dealer to discuss your options.

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